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House and Building Moves

House moves and building moves are the bread and butter of the industry. Sometimes, situations arise that the building or house must be moved in an unconventional way. Other building moves can be more of a challenge because the conditions are tight or the work must take place twenty-four hours a day. On Lake Michigan, cars don't get to drive up to the water, or along the beach for that matter, but extremely tight and well-populated streets saw a lake house do what would be verboten at any other time. Winter doesn't stop us from working or working in water. After all, these are the times that creeks and rivers are at their lowest point. Below are six house moves and building moves that showcase some of the variables from the "average" house and building move.

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CTA Brown Line Expansion 

Two historic train stations are moved into storage and returned.

CTA Brown Line Stations 

House Moves Down the Beach

An unusual site on the shore of gorgeous Lake Michigan.

 Moving Beach House

R. Harold Zook Cottage

Busy, narrow, tree-lined streets required four sections to be moved simultaneously.

R. Harold Zook Cottage

Moving a Large Limestone Home

Solid limestone home and outbuildings move across the street.


Ft. Benjamin Harrison

A decommissioned US Army base is redeveloped into a village like none other. One building got a new home as a result.

Ft. Benjamin Harrison

Cataract Falls Covered Bridge

A covered bridge moves off a creek for rehabilitation in the dead of winter.

 Cataract Falls Covered Bridge