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House and Building Moves - R. Harold Zook Cottage

This English-Cotswald style cottage was built in 1924 in the Village of Hinsdale, Illinois.  The architect R. Harold Zook built it for he and his family, living in the home until his death in 1949.  The Hinsdale Historical Society approached our firm about relocating the garage/studio, but in the end both the studio and home were moved.  A new site was chosen approximately four miles away at the Katherine Legge Memorial Park.  Because the route was extremely tight, the house was cut into three sections.  These sections, together with the studio, were moved simultaneously.  An intricate stone and brick wall were part of the move as well.  On the next page, we've created a scrapbook movie of some of our favorite photos- from the time we proposed the job until our part of the project was finished. 

Click the play button to watch the slideshow.  It's about 1 1/2 minutes long.  With over 500 pictures to choose from , we hope we've given the best representation.

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