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Shoring, Raising, and Excavation 

Homes, buildings, and other structures sometimes need a little bit of help. Houses sink, buildings lean, floods come and change everything. Structural steel and posts may be installed to level floor(s) in houses and buildings. Walls, for many reasons can start sagging, bowing, or leaning, requiring shoring to be applied. A basement can be added underneath an existing home by raising the building, excavating beneath, building the new walls/floor, and setting down the home on the new foundation. Visit any of the pages below to get a glimpse of how we can help.


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Raising a Building in a Flood Zone

On an island?  That's okay; we'll just ferry our equipment across.

Raising a Building in a Flood Zone

Shoring Bailly Brick House

A historic landmark was leaning. How was it fixed?

Shoring Bailly Homestead

New Foundations for two "Century of Progress Homes"

The 1933 World's Fair in Chicago featured a "Homes of Tomorrow" Exhibit.  What happened to these homes?



Shoring and Basement Excavation

Twelve-foot deep basements are no problem, even when there's a house above them.


Shoring and Basement Excavation

House Raise/Excavation

Sure, tight spaces can be a challenge, but we'll figure out a way.

House Raise/Excavation


Just another form of excavation.

Expanding a Pond