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Testimonials for Dillabaugh Inc. House and Building Movers

After all this talk about ourselves, we thought you'd like to hear from some of the people and companies we've worked with.  Here are some of the comments we've received:


The crew was just great! They were all very careful, hardworking, and you should be very proud of them. Thank you so much!
Regina C.
Thanks for your service in the removal of the railroad interlocking tower from East Chicago to North Judson. Our people were most impressed with how your people performed. Hard persistent workers all of them, that's rare in this day.
 Hoosier Valley Railroad
 I would like to personally thank you and your crew for all their hard work on our hugely successful project that some people said was 'impossible'.  I have been in the building business for almost 30 years and you are to be commended for the quiet professionalism shown by you and every one of your men. This kind of work ethic and attitude isn't easy to come by in this day and age and it starts at the top.  I'm not surprised you are a sixth generation family business and I am equally sure after working with your sons that a seventh generation is in the making. 
Parsons Architects
 I want to thank you again for the wonderful, professional job your crew performed.  I am very happy to be back in my home.  I will recommend your company anytime.
 Karen H.
We are very pleased with the move of the Wichman Blacksmith Shop to our site on Main Street.  The project went as you predicted, with very little interruption to the citizens, as related to traffic, and the move was successfully accomplished to the amazement of many who watched it.  You had the right equipment, the right materials, and a wonderful group of people who work with you.  Congratulations! Thanks again for your help.  I believe you showed the Village that you have the "right stuff".
 Barrington Area Historical Society
 Thank you for your services and those of your company to Liberty! To me, it was a great adventure to see the various buildings relocated from their old foundations onto new ones.  The skill and expertise you and your workers have is really unique!  Moving the buildings has already brought a lot of attention from the community and caused discussion among our congregation. 
 Liberty Bible Church
 I want to express my complete satisfaction with your company and the work they performed.  As you know, this was somewhat of an unusual project, and I had some serious concerns about its requirements.  You and your crew soon alleviated these concerns.  Everyone appeared to be very knowledgeable, and the way they approached and performed their work was very professional.  As problem areas came up, they were quickly resolved, and the project was complete in considerably less time than I expected.  During the whole time, not once did I hear any disparaging words or complaints from any of your crew members.  I find this very unusual, and again it points to their professionalism.
 Whitewater Valley Railroad
 Thanks for the great job you guys did moving our barn.  Suzie and I couldn't be happier with it!  Also, nice entertainment for the neighborhood!  Thanks again for a truly memorable experience.
 Mark N.
 What can we say? You guys really came through for us!  We were very impressed with how everyone at Dillabaugh Inc. worked together, you have a great group of guys.  You should be proud.
 Scot and Stacy S.