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Company History - Dillabaugh House and Building Movers

Our company began in 1870 with our first generation, Adam Dillabaugh.  He really didn't set out to be a building mover, but became one out of necessity.  Most income at that time was derived from farming, and farmers needed to move buildings around.  During those years, many communities boasted someone experienced in structural moving.  Adam's experience was limited to the needs of the local farmers, but he'd acquired enough knowledge and skill to pass on to his son, Charles.

Charles purchased more equipment in 1916, enabling him to become more involved in structural moving.  He was quite the entrepreneur, being the proprietor of not only a house moving company, but a blacksmith shop and a cider mill complete with 100 cherry trees in the orchard!  The cider mill had actually been relocated from Lowell, Indiana to Charles's property in Crown Point, Indiana. Quite a move, especially since trucks and equipment were definitely nowhere near what they are now. In 1922, Charles purchased a grocery store and passed the business to his son, Ellis.

Until 1942, the company operated as E.G. Dillabaugh, at which point Ellis added '& Sons' to the name when his two of his sons, Ellison and Howard joined him. Donald Ross (son-in-law of Ellis) joined the company and a partnership between the four ensued. Another son of Ellis's joined the company two years later and the name was again changed, this time to Dillabaugh Moving Engineers.  The company went through changes again in 1959 when Ellis retired. The partnership was dissolved and Ellison and Howard formed a new partnership and our fourth generation.

Ten years after the formation of the brothers' partnership, a decision was made to incorporate the company with the State of Indiana. The company name was changed to what it is today, Dillabaugh Inc. Sixteen more years the brothers continued the business until Ellison's retirement in 1985. Howard carried on for seven more years until he followed suit in 1992.

Howard's son, Dan, took on the family business. Since then the business has grown and our capabilities have expanded in reflection of the changing times. Daniel and Tom, two of Dan's sons, have been with the company for more than ten years each. With so many individuals with a personal interest in carrying on the company, quality work and safe working conditions have become synonymous with our company name.

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