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Building Raising - Raising two World's Fair Homes for New Foundations

From 1933 to 1934, Chicago was the site of the World's Fair, titled "A Century of Progress".  One of the exhibitions featured in the fair were the "Homes of Tomorrow".  Of the homes showcased, five remain and have spent their lives on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Years of harsh weather had taken their toll, however, and the houses were in disrepair.  The National Park Service and Indiana Landmarks created partnerships with private individuals and families to restore these homes to their former glory.  We had the pleasure of working on two of these history-rich homes, the Armco-Ferro House and Cypress Log Cabin.  Before restoration work could begin, both homes were in need of new foundations.  Since both of these homes overlook Lake Michigan, it was almost not work, what with the view and the lakefront weather.  Below are some of the pictures we took of these projects. 

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