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Since 1870, Dillabaugh Inc. has been serving the US with exemplary service as one of the oldest house moving companies still in operation. Our six generations of high-quality, rigidly safe service is well recommended and unduplicated, as the test of time has shown. All labor-based employees have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety course, in addition to many other qualifications not seen with other companies.


Over the years, we’ve efficiently tackled a large variety of projects. The main areas of expertise our company focuses on are: house moving, building moving, structural moving, house raising (including excavation under existing structures), heavy hauling/rigging, and demolition. We maintain an average of ten employees year-round; our top six employees have served us for at least thirteen years. We feel that the size of our company allows us to have exceptional control over the quality and safety of the work being performed. Because we’re also a family company, we always have an employee with a personal interest in the company on each and every job site. Having a Dillabaugh there gives the assurance that our rigid standards are strictly adhered to.


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These days, being green and environmentally responsible is of utmost importance, especially to Dillabaugh Inc.  House moving  is the world's oldest recycling industry; saving homes, buildings, and other structures and repurposing them in a new location, whether it be across the yard or across town.  Many a historic building has been saved from extinction by simply changing the location.  For those structures that must be permanently removed, environmentally-friendly measures are taken when demolition takes place.  Most materials are recycled (including concrete), drastically reducing the amount of waste taken to overcrowded landfills.  Sometimes, a building will be saved and specialty demolition or raising/lowering is needed to meet the new specifications. 


We've worked with homeowners, contractors of all sizes, and local, state, and federal government alike. Our expertise ensures that any and all projects undertaken by our company will be successfully carried out with unsurpassed safety, efficiency, and dexterity.


What is it like to work with Dillabaugh Inc. House and Building Movers?  

Visit our Testimonials page to hear about what those we've worked for have said. Interested in what we can do, on paper AND in actuality? Stop by our About Us, House and Building Moves, Structural Moves, and other pages for pictures and information. Want to know more about the process, costs, etc.? FAQs is there to help. For your convenience, there's a handy form under the navigation bar you can fill out and submit as well. How did Dillabaugh Inc. start all those years ago? Our Company History page has the details and the pictures. Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures and insights from our fans!



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